Prof. dr. Henk G. Sol

Professor of Business and ICT and Founding Dean (2004-2009),

Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Professor of Systems Engineering and Founding Dean (1992-2003),

Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Bio Henk G. Sol

Welcome to ESCANET

Escanet is a network of engaged scholars around the world, who apply engaged scholarly innovative design activities in undertaking community based research to deliver  shared values. The aim of the scholars is to contribute to resolving societal issues through the application of approaches such as design sciences.

Escanet platform is nurtured on the vast research works and practices of the renowned scholar prof.dr. Henk G.Sol of the University of Groningen and Delft University, The Netherlands. The platform presents a general introduction to the engaged scholarly school of thought. It further provides research stories of over 80 PhD theses in Prof. Henk Sol’s school in a common framework. In each story the following are discussed. Read More

Ennovations for Delivering Shared Value

Resolving issues that matter is a major challenge in our ambient society, where we have to navigate in the sea of information to deliver shared value.  Agile, analytic, big, intelligent, smart, sustainable describe the environment for decision enhancement. Business processes have to be engineered accordingly. Delivering shared value calls for ennovations, engaged innovative services, with conversations to collectively identify locally relevant problems, with vital public, administrative and business decisions and with management interventions to deploy localized solutions. Using many examples, the keynote reports on the COLLAGEN (Collective Learning and Agile Governance Environment) environment, which spans a rich arena of design guidelines. The approach supports smart governance for orchestration of engaged innovations, and delivers shared value to resolve issues that matter in society.

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