State Of Digital Rights and Governance In Uganda – Report

Authors / Contributors: Dr.Drake Mirembe, Prof.Jude Lubega, Prof.Martha Kibuka Musoke, Ms.Fiona Nambogo and John Paul Ategeka

Type: General Research | Year: 2021 | 83 views


Information Communication Technologies like the Internet and Social media, have proliferated all aspects of human life; from education, health, business to entertainment. Given the unique position of ... ReadMore

State of ICT4Agriculture in Uganda – Report

Authors / Contributors: Prof. Jude Lubega & Dr. Drake Mirembe

Type: General Research | Year: 2019 | 1,210 views


It is well documented that in Uganda, agriculture employs over 70% of the population, of which, the majority are youth and women. Also, a number of studies show that both locally and internationally, ... ReadMore

Decision Enhancement Services – Examples

Authors / Contributors: Prof.dr. Henk G. Sol

Type: Learning Material | Year: 2016 | 505 views


Decision Enhancement (DE) is a field of practice aimed at extending lessons, principles and tools built up over a thirty year period, largely under the term ‘Decision Support’. Enhancement goes be... ReadMore